University Research Centers

Professional Technical Service Centers

In order to raise teaching quality, strengthen service to the community, increase faculty and student participation in research, and to serve the society and nation as a whole, CYUT has established a number of technical needs of the University's cooperative agreement programs, and are operated according to the University's guidance.

Technical Service Center

  • Department of Bussiness Administration
  • Department of Construction Engineering
  • Department of Industrial Engineering and Management
  • Department of Environmental Engineering and Management
  • Department of Applied Chemistry

Information Consultation and Internship Center

  • Department of Finance

Insurance Consultation and Internship Center

  • Department of Insurance

Finance Research Center

  • Department of Insurance

Jia-Lu, Wu Insurance Research Center

  • Department of Insurance

Taxation and Accounting Service Center

  • Department of Accounting

Center of Nondestructive Testing (CNDT)

  • Department of Construction Engineering

Information Service Center

  • Department of Information Management

Pheromone Research Center

Department of Applied Chemistry established the "Pheromone Research Center" in 2008. The goal of pheromone for pest control, reduce the use of pesticides, and harmless to humans and animals, into the insects can promote the use of biological pesticides in green agricultural sustainable development, the implementation of environmentally friendly ideas.

The main operational content includes:

  1.  Pheromone preparation research and development
  2. Synthesis of pheromone
  3. Quality analysis of pheromone
  4. Pheromone biochemical activity test
  5. Agricultural biologics education and promotion


Asia Mycotoxin Analysis Center (AMAC)

Department of Applied Chemistry and the United States Enron companies to set up production in 2007 (Asia Mycotoxin Analysis Center, AMAC), to start mycotoxin samples sent to the United States, Testing services, as well as the provision of mycotoxin adsorption capacity assessment services. Taiwan's first test center with mycotoxin detection dual-level, from the table, processed to the land of food for all-around gate inspection services.

AMAC is committed to three major categories of work:

  1. Assessment of mycotoxins and mycotoxin adsorption capacity of cereal agri-products in Asia
  2. Food-borne pathogen test development and services
  3. Other major food safety inspection of the development and application


Center for Nondestructive Testing (CNDT)

It is indispensable to use the nondestructive detection technology to detect the internal damage condition of the target.

The objectives of the Center are: 

To deepen the school in the civil infrastructure nondestructive testing of R & D related to energy, to promote civil construction workers.

The CNDT major services include:

  1. Bridge: bridge visual inspection, modal frequency and mode shape measurement, internal damage testing, detection of unfilled duct containing the prestressing tendons, the integrity of the foundation.
  2. Reinforced concrete member: in-placed evaluation of concrete strength, depth of surface opening crack, depth and detection of delaminations and honeycombs, the interfacial bond condition between new and old concrete layer, slab thickness, bond condition of steel plate reinforced and FRP reinforced member, determination of rebar cover thickness.  

  3. Building: vibration mode frequency and mode shape measurement, debond of exterior wall tiles, insulation or waterproof layer peeling, etc.

  4. Other infrastructures: deteriorated embankment and dam. concrete or asphalt pavement thickness.

  5. Geophysical survey: spectral analysis of surface wave, seismic refraction method, geoelectric resistivity method, 3D LiDAR measurement.

  6. Training classes of non-destructive testing methods